What We Do


MoneyRazor.com is an innovator within the fundraising community.  By introducing and applying strategies and processes utilized by leading industries, MoneyRazor.com can significantly increase a small to medium-sized organization's potential donor base, improve donor response rates, increase the average amount per donation, while decreasing expenses and time commitments resulting in higher dollars raised for your fundraising campaign.

Who Our Thinkers Are


Jim Connolly is the Founder and General Manager of MoneyRazor.com.  He has over 20 years experience assisting large companies on improving revenue and profitability while reducing expenses through process improvements, technology and analysis.  He has worked for forward-thinking companies including Experian Decision Analytics, Verizon and FICO.


Vickie Tully is a member of our advisory team at MoneyRazor.com.  She has held leadership level positions in Organizational Management at several non-profit organizations in Delaware and Pennsylvania.


Jeff Johnsonis a member of our advisory team at MoneyRazor.com.  He is an IT professional with over 20 years of experience across many disciplines.


Brian Milhollan is a member of our advisory team at MoneyRazor.com.  He is an accounting professional with almost 15 years of experience in the financial field.

Meet MoneyRazor.com

Who We Help


MoneyRazor.com helps children, families and our community by fundraising with a purpose.  Our clients include many clubs and organizations, schools and charities.  We've assisted in fundraising for graduations, medical emergencies and in memoriam.