High School Graduation Recognition program

The MoneyRazor.com High School Graduation Program assists high school seniors with accepting graduation gifts without stress on the graduate or the potential graduation gift givers.  MoneyRazor.com's approach is very simple, but very powerful.

MoneyRazor.com creates an unique webpage and URL for the high school senior within the MoneyRazor.com domain and the high school the student will be graduating from.

On the high school senior's webpage, MoneyRazor.com can include a picture of the student, a personalized graduation message and monetary gifts in denominations selected by the student.

The URL can be forwarded via email, text messages, Twitter, Facebook or other social media applications. 

Potential givers will receive the graduation recognition announcement and click on the link provided which they will be brought to the student's unique webpage. 

After the giver selects the amount of the graduation gift, they simply pay for the gift with a major credit card including MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express.