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MoneyRazor.com Fundraising Toolbox

The MoneyRazor.com Fundraising Toolbox utilizes our triRazor Practice which introduces strategies, technology, support and analysis into your fundraising campaign.  These tools can significantly increase your organization's potential donor base, improve donor response rates, increase the average donation amount while decreasing expenses and time commitments.  The tools include:


  • An unique URL for your fundraising organization within the MoneyRazor.com domain
  • Various donor communication touch points including emails and text messaging
  • Integration with social media sites and applications including Facebook and Twittter
  • Multiple MoneyRazor.com proprietary webpages developed for your organization at the group and individual recipient levels
  • Fundraising options including straight monetary donations and products-for-a-donation selections
  • Relationships with 3rd party fundraising vendors
  • A variety of payment options including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and PayPal
  • Reporting to keep track of the fundraising campaign
  • MoneyRazor.com back-office support to reduce expenses and time associated to the fundraising organization
  • MoneyRazor.com analysis to analyze up-to-date results during the fundraising campaign and after the campaign to improve future fundraising events
  • MoneyRazor.com support which provides a Fundraising Manager to assist throughout the fundraising campaign

MoneyRazor.com funRazor Training

The MoneyRazor.com funRazor Training is a cornerstone (and included) in every MoneyRazor.com Fundraising Toolbox agreement.  The funRazor Training is a motivational-based, face-to-face or web-based training program to improve the fundraising experience for everyone invloved in the campaign.  By the end of the program, your entire team will be excited about your upcoming fundraising campaign.  Look to MoneyRazor.com.  We'll show you how!


MoneyRazor.com High School Graduation Recognition Program

The MoneyRazor.com High School Graduation Recognition Program assists high school seniors with accepting graduation gifts without stress on the graduate or the potential graduation gift giver.  MoneyRazor.com will create an unique webpage and URL for the graduate within the MoneyRazor.com domain and the student's high school.  The unique URL can be forwarded via email, text messages, Twitter, Facebook or other social media applications.


MoneyRazor.com geneRazor Fundraising Model

The MoneyRazor.com geneRazor Fundraising Model is an analytically-based, interactive model which predicts your fundraising campaign's key indicators including:  Response rates, average amount of donation and expenses.  Inputs into the geneRazor Fundraising Model can include results from your previous fundraising campaigns or judgmental-based inputs derived from your organization or the experiences of MoneyRazor.com experts.  Look to MoneyRazor.com.  We'll show you how!